2018-2019 Contract Ratification Information

2018-2019 Contract Ratification Information

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year and the start of what will be many positive changes to come for all of us in public education in New Mexico.

The first of these long-awaited changes came in the form of our negotiated agreement. For the first time in four years, we had the funding and the flexibility from the state that we needed to negotiate a fair raise for everyone we represent.

Even though the legislature appropriated different increases for different employee role groups, we worked through negotiations with APS to surpass the percentages appropriated by the legislature and provide the increase in the 3-Tiered minimums (3-Tier salary minimums of $36,000, $44,000 and $54,000 respectively) or at least a 3% salary for every employee represented by the Albuquerque Teachers Federation. Raises for some will be as much as 5.8%.

Some highlights of the changes to our contract include:

  • APS has committed to work on employee requirements and workload issues.
  • SLP’s can now submit for bilingual and TESOL differentials.
  • Higher payments for Diagnosticians, School Psychologists and SLPs who perform evaluations outside of the school year.
  • All educators represented by ATF can now transfer between role groups without losing any pay! (This also included language that will allow educators the ability to self-report for a one time pay adjustment for those who made a role group change in previous years.)
  • Shortened the Diagnosticians, School Psychologists and Transition Specialists work year without a reduction in pay.
  • Won social workers the ability to submit for credential differentials and reimbursements, leading to more take home pay.
  • Ensured ALL middle schools receive five differentials for department heads.
  • Added MOUs establishing task forces to research and make recommendations on advisories, high school seniors taking a full class load and class sizes affected by the number of work stations available.

Click here to view a summary of changes for this contract year.

Click here to view the joint letter from Ellen and Superintendent Reedy on addressing employee requirements and workloads.

Click here to vote on the ratification of your contract.


Salary Matrices:

Level 1- Teacher, Librarian, Nurses, Counselors, Social Worker, Interpreters Matrix
Level 2- Teacher, Librarians, Nurses, Counselors, Social Worker, Interpreters Matrix
Level 3- Teacher, Librarians, Nurses, Counselors, Social Worker, Interpreters Matrix
Diagnostician, Transition Specialist, Psychologist Matrix
Audiologists, Mobility, SLP, PT, OT Matrix
90% – COTAs, PTAs and Others Matrix


Ratification Process

Every employee represented by our union has the right to vote in the contract ratification. 

Tuesday, August 7– ATF sends out a form for electronic voting.

Tuesday, August 14 ATF closes voting at 5pm.

Wednesday, August 15-APS Board of Ed votes on the contract.

Click here to vote on the ratification of your contract.